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An expert Classical Dressage Coach to train you to successfully progress from basic riding to Elementary level and beyond? A coach who knows how important it is that your horse is working happily & in true partnership with you?


My name is Kira Maguire and I am a specialist dressage coach with 25 years of experience in giving ambitious and focused amateur dressage riders and their horses a solid and correct dressage foundation training taking them to success at Elementary level and beyond with lightness, ease and joy.

What uniquely qualifies me in this area is my depth of experience. I trained in total with 3 German World Champion / Olympic level dressage trainers including Franz Mairinger (Spanish Riding School and Australian National Dressage Coach, Joseph Neckermann (World Champion and Olympic medal winner) and my own mother Tina Wommelsdorf who has been a major influence in the last 25 years. She was the first Australian National Dressage Champion and held on to that title for many years. She gave numerous clinics both here and overseas and was the National Dressage Coach for Hong Kong for 3 years. I still consult with her expertise today.

Over the last 25 years, my work with students and my own horses has proven time and time again how important it is to focus on really correct foundations. If your horse is properly ridden forward, straight, in correct outline and self carriage, then it works happily, stays sound and your progression from basic riding towards Elementary and beyond is seamless and consistently successful. If these foundations are correct you will have a horse that wants to work for you, who lines up for work daily and who is happy. This is what I stand for in my coaching.

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