Competition Results

2017 Results


Northside Showjumping and Sydney International Horse Trials, 16th May:

  • Great day at Northside on Sunday, despite a little wardrobe malfunction with Sasha and Rory! She still managed to pick up a 1st, 2nd and a 5th… awesome work.
  • Rosie and Kitty also came to jump club for the first time and successfully got around their courses. Go team!
  • A huge congratulations to one of my wonderful and longest students, Amy Roberts, who just completed her first CIC 1* at the Sydney International Horse Trials.
  • She and her lovely homebred horse Strongbow had a super dressage test, and were coming 10th after dressage but unfortunately had 47.3 penalties in XC with some time faults, and 2 showjumping rails. To complete their very first 1 Star is a huge huge achievement, and we are very proud of you and Strongbow, Amy!

Northside Hacking and Zone 23 Equitation, 30th April:

  • Maxine and Rondo looked beautiful at Northside Hacking today, bringing home quite a few blue ribbons!
  • Then over at Avondale Pony Club, Sasha and Rory overcame some challenges to take out Zone 23 Jumping Equitation CHAMPION (13-15yrs) 85cm!! Very proud of the team, excellent performances all round.
  • Rosie and Kitty … in non official 45 cm at Zone Equitation (first ever comp together!) came 2nd in both rounds and Reserve Champion.


Zone 23 Showjumping Championships, 3rd April:

  • Matilda and Kody have built a really strong relationship together, and had 4 clear (and pretty awesome) rounds, out of 5! Great work Matilda.
  • Sasha and Aurora’s first round was a “pick your line” competition, where Sasha went clear but was a little too slow! They then had another beautiful clear round in the AM7 class, but jumped a fence one too many times in the jump off! Their final round was an AM5 class and they won the class!

Well done team YES!


Zone 23 Dressage, 13th March:

  • Well done to Matilda and Kody for a fabulous day at Zone 23 Dressage. They came 3rd in their 1.1 test and 6th in their 1.2 test.


Warringah Dressage, 19th February:

  • Jane and Chapelhouse Dominante had a beautiful performance in their 5.2 test, scoring 60% and placed 3rd! It is looking like it could be a very exciting year for this partnership!


2016 Results

Andalusian Horse Association Dressage Championships, 2016:
  • Maxine and Rondenyo received a 58% in their Prelim 1.2 test. A very new partnership which is going very well so far!
  • Jane and Chapelhouse Dominante rode their first FEI test; Prix St George. Bit of a milestone… tails and everything! Awesome work.

SSJC End of year Championships, 2016:

  • Sasha and Kit Kat won the 60cm class and came 7th in 70cm!
  • Sasha and Aurora came 2nd in the 70cm and had one down in the 80cm… well done Sasha!!
Northside Dressage Championships, 2016:
  • Amy Robert and her horse Cooper won both his tests, coming home with closed Unrestricted Prelim Champion horse and the highest % score of 74%! Well done Amy!
WDA Dressage Championships, 20th November 2016:
  •  Jane Dampney and Dom had 2 x 2nd placings in the Advanced tests with great scores of 62% and 65%. Also won Advanced Horse of the Year !!!
  • Maxine Lewis took her new partner Rondo out for the first time to this Showground and only been together for a couple of months … scored a fabulous 62% in the P1.3… well done!!
  • Finally, Amy Roberts did so well on her two home bred horses.
    Strongbow came 2nd in the official 2.3 with 64% and 3rd in the 2.1. Cooper came 5th in the 1.1 and 4th in the 2.1! 


Riders Series, 29th and 30th October 2016:

  • Sasha and Rory had a 5th in the 75cm with a bit of a slower start on Day 1. They then achieved another 5th in the 75cm on Day 2, and then a 7th place in the 85cm. Awesome results guys!


Sydney Dressage, 16th October 2016: 

  • Maxine and Rondenyo completed their first dressage day together, and performed brilliantly to receive a 60% and a 5th place in the Prelim 1.1.


Camden Equestriad, 17th September 2016:

  • Amy took her young horse “Ironstone Cooper”, in the EVA 60, and left with a 2nd place and a dressage score of 72%! Awesome results.


SIEC Eventing, 3rd September 2016:

  • Amy Roberts and her horse “Ironstone Strongbow” competed in the EVA 95, where they received a 3rd place, and a dressage score of 69%!
  • Amy and her horse “Ironstone Cooper” competed in the EVA 60, and achieved a 2nd place, with a dressage score of 64%.


Results from a fabulous Queen’s birthday long weekend!…

  • Sasha did a great job at NRC training day and did her first 85 cm on Rory which was clear and controlled.
  • Jane and Maxine went to the Winter dressage festival at Clarendon (DNSW), where Jane came 3rd in her Advanced 5.1 – only one mark off first place, with 61.6%, another official qualifying score for her.
  • Maxine didn’t place but received a great score in the open 1.2, with 61.2%. This is awesome Maxine!
Dressage protocol day, 19th May:
  • Jane and Chapelhouse Dominante did their first advanced 5.3 yesterday at the NRC protocol day and achieved 63.1%. Scoring 7.5 for both trot half passes and 6.5 for the canter pirouettes. Collective marks were great as well… A great mark overall for such a high-level test and especially doing it for the first time. Next stop Prix St George
NRC Show-Jumping, 10th April:
  • Sasha and Rory went double clear in both the 65 and 75, placing 5th in the 65 and just out of the placings in the 75!
  • Sasha and Kit Kat had a challenging day with 1 refusal in the 65 and 2 refusals in the 75. Sasha learnt a lot though!
  • Lauren and CB zoomed around the 55 to win the class and came 3rd in the 65! Well done Lauren and CB! A great team.
  • A special Congratulations to Jenny Josling and son Hunter who both competed for the very first time and did a super job!!


Sydney Dressage, 3rd April:
– Jane and Dom rode their first 5.2 against a strong field of established Advanced horses and placed 7th with 62% … only 4% behind the top horses ! She scored a 7 for her first canter pirouette… photo taken training 2 days earlier at home working on half pass .
– Maxine did a great job in the 1.3 scoring 60% also in a strong field … just out of the placings but super effort .

SSJC Training day, 3rd April:
– Sasha and the ponies went up to 75cm for the first time… This is exciting because firstly she did the rounds really well and it is the height she needs to do for Jumping Equitation for PC later in the year.

Northside Riding Club Dressage, 21st March

Lauren Routledge and Charlie Brown won both their tests on the weekend!!
– Prelim 1.2 with 65.77%
– Novice 2.1 with 64.81%

Sydney Showjumping Club, 21st March
Sasha Maguire and Aurora:
– 1st place 55cm
– 65cm first round: 2 rails, 2nd round clear

Sasha Maguire and Wyann KitKat:
– 2nd place 55cm overall
– 2nd place 65cm overall

Northside Riding Club Showjumping, 14 March
Sasha and Aurora: 1st place optimum time, 3rd place 60cm AM7
Sasha and KitKat: 4th place 60cm AM7
Zone Dressage at Avondale, 14 March
Lauren Routledge and Charlie Brown:
– 1st place Prelim 1.2, 65.9%
– 1st place Prelim 1.3, 66.7%
Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 4.35.18 PM.png
Northside Riding Club Combined Training, 6 March
Sasha Maguire and Aurora: 1st place Encouragers and clear HC round 65cm
Sasha Maguire and Wyann KitKat: 5th Place Encouragers and clear HC 65cm

Warringah Dressage, 28th February 2016: 

  • Amy Roberts and her horse ‘Ironstone Strongbow” competed in the Prelim 1.1. and achieved a 75.2%, which put them in 1st place! They were 7% in front of 2nd place! They also achieved a 5th place and a 63% in the Novice 2.2. Great results.
  • Amy and her other horse, ‘Ironstone Cooper’, competed in the 1.1 also, and achieved a 62% and a 5th place. They also competed in the Prep 5, to receive 1st place, with 71%.



  • Jane and Dom won the Advanced 5.1 with just under 62%!
  • Jenny Josling came 5th in Prep A with 59.2% and 6th in Prep B with 60.8% (Amy won that on Cooper!). Her son Hunter & Rox came third in both the Prep A and B.
  • Lauren did her first official Novice 2.1 and came 2nd with 59.2%!

Very exciting results from everyone. Jane and Amy have been training at YES for about eight years now, quite a long time! Such great journey’s too.

Also, quite remarkable given the ages of 3 of the horses; Dom is just 8, Strongbow is 6 and Cooper is just 5! Very proud of the entire team.




Older Results archive:

2011/2012 Competition Results

Special Encounters                                    Molly Peters

Warringah Dressage February 2012

5th               Prelim 1A                 66.5%

SIEC Weekend ODE February 2012

8th               Prelim                       60%

Wallaby Hill Horse Trials January 2012

Prelim          61%

Eventing Equestriad Australia August 2011,

7th              Prelim                         60%

Eventing Equestriad Australia May 2011

2nd            Prelim                          70%

Scone Horse Trials March 2011

6th            Prelim                            61%

Molly Peters with ‘Special Encounters’

Jack Ace of Hearts                                                  Claudia Studdert

2012 Warringah Dressage

4th                  Prep 1                                            62.00%

2012 NSW Interschools State Championships

7th                  Prelim 1A and 45cm                      Dressage score of 56%

2012 Interschools Tara Dressage Day

1st                  Prep 3                                             62%

7th                  Prelim 1A                                        59.25%

2012 Interschools Hunter Valley Grammar Championships

2nd                Prep 2                                              70.59%

2012 Oxley College Equestrian Day Berrima

3rd                  Prelim 1B

Last Updated 2012

Claudia Studdert with ‘Jack Ace of Hearts’

She’s Just Devine                                                  Madison Burger

2012 February Warringah Dressage

2nd                  Prep 1                                            67.5%

4th                   Prep 2                                            60%

2012 NSW Interschools State Championships

5th                   Prelim 1A

2012 Interschools Tara Dressage Day

1st                  Prep 1                                           75.6%

3rd                  Prelim 1A                                      64%

2012 Interschools Hunter Valley Grammar Championships

2nd                Prep 2                                              70.59%

Madison Burger with ‘She’s Just Devine’

March of Luck                                                      Amy Roberts

2011 Warringah Dressage

2nd                  Prelim 1D                                        67.8%

2012 Warringah Dressage

4th                   Novice 2C                                        64.4%

4th                   Novice 2B                                        65.8%

2nd                  Novice 2A                                        69.3%

Camden Eventing Equestriad

3rd                  Preliminary                                      74.55%

Scone One Day Event

2nd                 Pre Novice 2                                    70.8%

Amy Roberts and ‘Special Encounters’

2008/2009 Competition Results

Belcam Concerto

Kira Maguire

October 2008 NRC Dressage
Novice 2.1 59.2%
3rd Novice 2.3 59.2%
August 2008 Warringah DA Championship Day
1st Prelim 1.2 72.4%
2nd Prelim 1.3 66.4
WDA ’08 Prelim Champion
May ’07 Sydney CDI 4yo YH National Finals – 13th
March 2007 Hawkesbury DA (SIEC)
1st Prelim 1.2 70.04%
February 2007 Warringah DA
1st Prelim 1.1 72.5%
3rd Prelim 1.3 64.2%
WDA ’07 Prelim Reserve Champion
November 2006 NRC Open & Members C’ships
1st Prelim 1.1 68.75%
3rd Prelim 1.3 66.04%
Member’s Day Prelim Champion
4th Prelim 1.3 62.04%
1st Prelim 1.4 66.08%
Open Day Prelim Champion
October 2006 DNSW Clarendon YH qualifier 4yo
8th (first round)
3rd (second round) score 7.2

San Sebastian

Jane Dampney

December 2008 NRC Dressage
2nd Prelim 1.3 63.2%
6th Prelim 1.1 66.667%

Neversfelde Jinx

Kim Kleven

May 2009 Canberra Classic
3rd Elem 3.3 61.833%
5th Nov 2.4 64.20%
6th Elem 3.4 60.714%
May 2009 MEA Dressage Comp
2nd Ass. Elem 3.2 60.59%
2nd Off. Elem 3.4 60.86%

Gundaroo Bella

Kim Kleven

May 2009 Canberra Classic
6th Nov 2.3 67.00%
3rd Elem 3.3 61.833%
May 2009 MEA Dressage Comp
1st Ass. Nov 2.2 66.4%
1st Off. Nov 2.4 64.8%
3rd Ass. Elem 3.2 59.56%

Kirsten Jackson

May 2009 MEA Dressage Comp
1st Ass. Prelim 1.2 67.2%
2nd Ass. Prelim 1.4 62.8%
4th Ass. Nov 2.2 56.8%

Belinda Mackintosh

May 2009 MEA Dressage Comp
2nd Ass. Prelim 1.2 64.0%
3rd Ass. Prelim 1.4 61.2%

Pam O’Brien

May 2009 MEA Dressage Comp
5th Ass. Prelim 1.2 58.8%

Belcam Concerto

Neversfelde Jinx


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