Dressage Coaching at YES

Kira gives lessons on her property “Yarramalong”, or can travel to certain areas for an additional and minimal fee.

A personal message from Dressage Coach Kira Maguire:

Dear Committed Dressage Rider,

• Do you have sound basic level riding skills looking to give your horse and yourself a solid, correct dressage education?
• Are you keen to progress from where you are now to competition success at Elementary level and beyond?
• Are you finding yourself faced with foundation level problems in your horse’s training that you just can’t get resolved completely?
• Are you frustrated with the relatively slow rate of progress in your own and/or your horse’s training?
• Do you have a young horse and want to avoid mistakes during the foundation training level that could later come back to preventing
your successful progress beyond Novice level?

If any of the above rings true for you, then you have come to the right place!

“I’m just hooked now on that wonderful feeling I get when my horse is in total self carriage, butter soft on the bit with freely swinging back, it’s just heaven and easily worth all the work I put in to get here” says Yvonne, one of my dedicated, long-term students whose horse emerged from thorough foundations training to happily doing is work at Elementary level now.


Working with me as your coach means you get…

• A coach for yourself and your horse that is completely dedicated to your progress determined by your personal goals
• A coach that totally ‘tunes into’ you and your horse and totally ‘gets’ what it takes to make you move forward
• A coach that has 30+ years of successful competiton experience up to Medium level dressage herself and a track record of over 50 or more successfully competing students at Preliminary to Medium/Advanced level and 3 to FEI level
• A coach that has a huge number of resourceful ways to overcome training issues without ever having to resort to questionable methods or shortcuts that could harm you or your horse while still insisting on your horse’s obedience
• A coach that brings a lot of love for your horse, you as the rider and the dressage sport to your training making sure that it is always an uplifting and enjoyable experience
• A systematic traning pathway showing you exactly what it takes to progress to the next level
• Expert advice whenever you need it on issues of healthcare, feeding and general handling of your horse
• An individualised competition preparation routine allowing you to be at your best when entering the test arena on competition day
• Moral and practical support for you on your first competition outings under your new training regime
• The opportunity (limited to 2 horses currently) to board your horse on my property in a natural horse friendly environment with safely fenced 1+ acre paddocks with open stables for each horse, making your horse partner feel like part of a very well cared for family
• A likeminded close-nit community of focused dressage riders who love their horses and the sport as much as you do
• A team of support people who are at the top of their field, including farriers, vets, dentists and osteopaths both human and horse

Isn’t that what it is all about? A happily working horse athlete that is motivated to do the work we ask of him, well muscled in all the right places and moving with lightness and power that only a correctly trained horse shows. When all the foundations are in place, advancing past the basics is easier than one would think and you will be consistently rewarded with high scores in competition.

That is what I stand for and consistently achieve in my work with my own horses and my students. I am one of the most experienced Dressage Coaches in the Sydney area specialising in progressing focused and ambitious amateur dressage riders through my training system which is based on the Classical German Training System from correct foundations to competition success at Medium/Advanced level dressage with a healthy and happy horse athlete and partner.


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